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Who Am I? 

Sydney Vaughan is a highly qualified Registered Massage Therapist, Mentor, Coach and Personal Trainer with a diverse background in healthcare and wellness. She holds a diploma from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, where she completed an extensive program that included over 2200 hours of clinical massage practice and 300 hours of assessment and treatment. Additionally contributing more than 80 hours of volunteer work, patients and staff in various hospital settings in her local area.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident by the fact that she embarked on her journey at the age of 21 starting her personal training business while in school for massage therapy. Her innate understanding of the human body has been a valuable asset throughout her career, allowing her to excel in various roles within the healthcare and wellness industry. 

With over a decade of experience assisting clients in achieving transformative results in weight loss and strength training, she possesses a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in shifting one's mindset, lifestyle, and belief systems. Her work reflects a commitment to guiding individuals on the path to self-love.

At the age of 27, during her personal journey and spiritual awakening, she discovered the profound benefits of practices like breathwork, cold therapy, and meditation. This transformative period in her life led her to a place of deep inner healing and alignment, where she now operates from a soul-led perspective. Transformation is a gradual journey, more akin to a marathon than a sprint. Small deliberate steps each day to rebuild and nurture the mind, body, and soul. Lasting change and growth require patience and consistent effort. Syd leads by action, and will guide you with the tools she knows and has experienced first hand. 

Syd's role as a breathwork instructor and mentor is instrumental in guiding her clients towards elevating their healing journeys. Her expertise and energy empowers individuals to explore deeper levels of self-discovery and healing.

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