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Workshop Details:


2.5 Hour Workshop for getting UNSTUCK so you can ELEVATE your health and ACHIEVE your fitness goals.


$99 + HST before Sept 19th OR $149 after Sept 19th (Save $50 when you sign up before Sept 19th)


You’ve been searching for a greater purpose and motivation so that you can start living the life you truly desire, but there are many days you feel stuck. 


The Elevated Experience is going to give you the tools needed to TRANSFORM your mindset, and connect to your body through an intuitive movement approach.

In this workshop you will …


  1. Learn how practicing "Self Love" can bring you into greater alignment with your CORE VALUES.

  2. Guided through an intuitive movement practice to mobilize and stretch your body. 

  3. Set HEALTH and FITNESS GOALS that are achievable and create lasting change

  4. Experience the power of Breathwork and the CONNECTION of mind and body with people who are ready to ELEVATE


There are only 12 SPOTS available for this workshop so be sure to grab a spot before they sell out. We can’t wait to see you! 


Details: Saturday September 24th: 10am - 12:30pm

Location: 199 Victoria Road South - Unit C3


Your Workshop Host: 


Syd Vaughan

Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Massage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist 


Syd has worked in the health and fitness industry for the past 10 years and is passionate about the mind-body connection. She has helped people overcome chronic pain, injuries and achieve transformational results with weight loss and strength training. Leading with purpose and driven by her core beliefs, Syd will help guide you to uncovering your full potential.







Guest Practitioner:

Monica Noseworthy

Somatic Breathwork Practitioner, 

Quantum and Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Earth Empress


Monica has over 25 years experience in the spiritual ascension and practices. Monica will invite you to go deep into yourself to clear what is in your way of been your truest essence. She will assist you in getting out of the mud, find clarity in your life and guide you back to you. Monica brings unconditional love, acceptance and grounded feminene energy in all she does. 


The Somatic Release Breath Work (SRBW) was created by Steven Jaggers and Andrew Fisher from Somatic BreathWork. Somatic Breathwork is designed to be a deep inner journey using the power of breath. In this breathwork experience you will guided through a pattern of breathing that allows your body to enter a state of releasing all that does not serve you, aligns to your higher purpose and clears out any stress, pressure and anxiety that is weighing you down. This journey can also bring you to access higher states of consciousness. 

The world recognizes that trauma and stress not only affects the mind but it is also embedded in the body. When the body has this stuck energy, emotions and trauma that is when people develop dis - ease and de - pression. Somatic Breathwork is assisting people to clear out the stress and suppressed emotions in their body to regain clarity in their mind, mission and life. 

Somatic Sensation is our birthright, we are designed to feel. We are meant to be sensitive but for years we have been suppressed. We are nature, we are mammals and our bodies want to be in a state of neutrality/ equilibrium or homeostasis. Somatic Release Breathwork is a powerful modality designed to bring the body to a state where it can fully express what needs to be release so the body can return to balance homeostatis. 

During the second half of the session you will be guided to bring in what you truly desire into the space you created in your body. When the body is clear of clutter there is space for love, peace, joy and all you desire. Participants have an opportunity to re-member who they truly are and bring back pieces of themselves. 

                                                                      BENEFITS OF SBW

  •  Mental Focus 

  •  Increase Energy 

  •  Improve sleep

  •  Reduction of PTSD and feelings of trauma or fear

  •  Elevate mood 

  •  Past emotional experiences heal

  •  Reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and grief

  •  Increase self awareness, joy, presence and happiness

  •  Anti - inflammatory effect and reduce pain

And much more ...

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