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are you ready to ELEVATe your training and mindset? 

What do I offer?



This program is specifically for people who ARE not HAPPY with their weight and have tried OTHER programs, but they haven’t worked. Are you feeling like you have LOST yourself and your HEALTH is suffering?


  • Are feeling tired, don’t have direction and are lacking purpose?

  • Have tried countless unsuccessful “diets” and fitness programs?

  • Have you had a health scare, crisis or “wake up call” that is motivating you to make lasting change?

  • You are ready to redefine your life and who you are?

  • Do you want to stop repeating the same patterns and lifestyle habits that are unsuccessful?

Learn how to REBUILD yourself using Fitness, Nutrition and Private Coaching that changes WHO you are and WHAT you look like, with the 1% principle to transform your life.


Are you ready to ELEVATE your mindset, feel strong and empowered in your body and live a more purposeful life? 

Here’s is what we are going to work through in just three months ..

1 . How to NAVIGATE a sustainable lifestyle transformation journey by implementing a HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS system that suits your lifestyle & doesn't require deprivation.


2. How to REBUILD yourself with Nutrition, Fitness, Mobility and that change who you are & what you look like, with SIMPLE changes to your everyday.

3. BOOST your confidence, self esteem and mindset by HITTING your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals, with support.

What does it look like?


There are 5 key areas of focus:


  1. Weekly Calendar 

Never wake up wondering ‘what do I have to do today or what do I need to focus. You will have a weekly fitness calendar in detail specific to your and your goals. This calendar is the outline of your week which includes your “daily mindset movement”, fitness workout, nutrition logging and recovery. 

  2. Mindset

You will have a daily mindset journal to develop healthy mindset habits. This will prompt you to dive deep into discovering who you are, what you want and desire. We will practice gratitude, understand our self image, identify your limiting beliefs and develop the awareness of HOW you actually THINK. define our affirmations and practice meditation and stillness as we get clear on our limiting beliefs and how to overcome them


  3. Nutrition

You will have a nutrition guideline and logging app that will help you become more mindful and conscientious of what you are putting in your body. You will understand portion sizes, healthy food choices and pre and post workout nutrition and hydration. 


  4. Fitness

Each workout is specific to you and your goals. All created through the Trainerize program, you will have clear instructions and demonstrations for each exercise including length of time, number of repetitions and how long. We take into account your current fitness level and build in the essentials to create a strong foundation and build a fitness lifestyle you enjoy and gives you longevity! 

  5. Accountability

 You will have full access to me, your coach, via our app messaging system with responses daily. Here you will be able to share your daily wins, workout and nutrition questions and feel 100% supported on your transformational journey from inside out. 




I am so excited for you to begin working with me just like many of the clients I have worked with over the last 10 years. Here are just a few of their journeys …



“ Today, I am in the best physical shape I have been in about 15 years. I have lost almost 50lbs since my heaviest weight of 300lbs in the fall of 2020, and have built and toned a lot of muscle. My blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood sugar levels have fallen and balanced. I am no longer pre-diabetic! I have built a small home gym in my garage, and workout regularly. I have fallen in love with cycling and over the spring and summer I biked hundreds of kilometers. I have completely changed the way that I eat and think about food. Has it been perfect? No. Have there been bumps in the road? Yes. But overall, things have worked out so well. We all spend lots of money on expensive things in our lives; fancy clothes, eating dinners in restaurants, and frivolous other things. But, very few of us invest money in ourselves physically. Having a personal trainer who helps track my progress, designs workouts and meals specifically for my needs, and helps keep me motivated and on track is the best investment I have ever made. “






                                                            300LBS                                                      250LBS



"Panic set in with an unexpected high blood sugar number and a Drs warning to make lifestyle changes to bring my numbers out of the Type 2 ‘Pre-diabetic’ range. The realization that if this number was not brought under control, I could become part of a statistic, 25% of folks in the pre diabetic number range (within 3-5 years) move into having Type 2 Diabetes requiring daily medication as a means to control. I had heard enough, and it was time for action. I needed help. First, I met with Sydney, who tested my strength and flexibility, and we sat and talked. Just talked, and I was honest, and so was Syd. We came up with an action plan together, a daily workout plan (resistance training and cardio)  that I would do on my own, based on equipment I had in my home, with check ins as often as I needed. (Love your app Syd!) The food piece I handled initially since I was in touch with the Diabetic Society (through my Dr) and had guidelines from there. It worked! 4 months post the Pre-diabetes scare, my blood sugar level was back in the acceptable range, 20 pounds lighter and a whole lot stronger, I continue on! I’m still working with Sydney and the focus has changed, now ready to count macros and set fitness goals outside the panic of Diabetes, my Wellness journey will take a turn. And wth Sydney’s guiding hand and infectious outlook on life, I know I can be successful in reaching my short and long term goals, one step at a time.

Thank you Syd. "


Here's how it works ...

Step 1: Book in a FREE 15 minute DISCOVERY CALL with me, on how 1v1 Coaching can help change your life.


Step 2: Onboarding; Together, we do a full intake of your health history, including your current fitness level, nutrition and eating habits, hydration and  formulate a plan specific to your health and wellness goals and build out the ideal program for you. 

Step 3: You will download the Trainerize App which will be your “trainer” in your pocket. This exclusive 1 v 1 coaching support is just a click away. I will guide you, inspire you and help you break through any limiting beliefs along the way. You will have access to your nutrition, personalized strength training, mobility and weekly check in’s. 

When you commit to 1 v 1 Coaching and you can FINALLY start living the way you used to or have always dreamed of in just 3 months.


"To create change, you need to take action"

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