Sydney Vaughan Personal Training

Personal Training

"To create change, you need to take action"

Personal Training is taking that next step with your nutrition and fitness to work with a qualified performance coach. 

Syd has worked a personal trainer in Guelph, Ontario for 7 years, coaching clients 1v1 with their specific goals. Create a lifestyle plan that will get you on track to becoming your

"best you" through fitness, mindfulness, movement, and nutrition. 

Syd has extensive knowledge in human anatomy and the body's biomechanics and has completed over 2200 hours of clinical massage therapy and assessments. Sydney is committed to a path of continuous learning and excellence with her practice and training to provide treatments for her clients on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

"I take the time to assess your baseline of fitness, nutrition, and mindset. We will work together on goal setting and create an action plan to set you up for success. Along the way, we will assess and re-assess if the plan still works and can always adapt along the way. You will have my guidance and support on your journey to start living a healthier life."

- Coach Syd